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We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no commissions, no repairs & don’t clean. Get Your No-Obligation All Cash Offer Started Below!

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We Buy Houses In Houston, Texas!

“Priority House Buyers” is a local and family owned real estate solutions company based in Houston, Texas. Our #1 goal is to provide a win-win solution for homeowners with unwanted or burdensome properties by providing an “AS-IS” ALL CASH offer and quick closing. If you have an unwanted property Priority House Buyers can help with a true and guaranteed cash offer and a closing date of your choice!

Got an Unwanted House? No Matter What Issues You Are Having We Can Help You With a CASH Offer!

Priority House Buyers has helped hundreds of homeowners sell their unwanted properties. We focus on providing the right solution for your problem. 
Inherited Property                                                                                      Flooding                   
Unpaid Property Taxes                                                                                Behind on Payments or Foreclosure
Relocating                                                                                                        Tenant Problems

Priority House Buyers provides REAL solutions to any problems you have with unwanted properties by offering a true No-Gimmick/ No Bait and Switch all CASH offer with a close date of your choosing! No need to clean the house or do any make-ready repairs. We will give you a cash offer for your home and cover all the closing fees for the transaction. All you have to do is fill out the form below!


Seriously!! When we say we buy “AS-IS” we meant it! Whether the house is completely empty or total hoarder status. We will purchase the property as it sits!! Take what you want to keep and is meaningful or valuable to you. Leave everything else! Trash?? Debris?? It’s not a problem. We have crews on staff to handle clean outs and renovations. Saving you both time and money. Fill out the form and sell your house fast!


Priority House Buyers Testimonial Woodland Trails West

Fred said” He made a phone call, and it was the fastest home sell he’d ever seen”. Priority House Buyer closes fast!

– Fred


Another Happy Seller | Priority House Buyers

Our client was looking to move into a different home and didn’t want the hassle of the traditional “realtor marketing process”. They received a post card in the mail, called us, and we made a formal in person cash offer. Client said  “You can trust”, “speedy process”, “very professional”, and a wonderful company to do business with.

– Gary and Wanda


Closing Testimonials In Oak Ridge/Houston Texas!

Closing Time Testimonials In Oak Ridge/Houston Texas!

“They did what they said they were going to DO!”

– James

Your GOALS are our PRIORITY!

Priority House Buyers provides a Fair All-Cash Offer direct to homeowners allowing them to bypass the struggles and inconvenience of a traditional retail sales experience. When you sell to us- You Pay NO Commissions, Make NO Repairs, and We Pay the Closing Cost! We are focused on providing YOU with a solution to your situation so you can focus on the things you love!


Sell your Houston house in literally any condition. We understand life happens- NO judgement passed. With our experience of buying, rehabbing, and selling houses we can provide a hassle-free sale!

Immediate Cash Offer

We can provide you with an offer right after a walk-through of the property. Will provide a written contract for review.

No Realtors/ No Commissions!

Average realtor commissions amount to 6% of the sale price. We buy direct to owner meaning: You Pay NO Commissions!

No Cleaning! No Constant Showings!

No need to clean! We can see past the dirt and clutter. We have bought a lot of houses and know what we are doing. We only need to walk the property once to provide an offer.

No Repairs or Updates Needed- We Buy As-Is!

No need to make repairs or updates to the property. We specialize in rehabbing houses and can often do the work for less.

We are a FREE Service! We Pay the Closing Cost!

Getting an offer from us is 100% FREE! Just fill out the form to get an offer. No obligation for you to accept any offer we make!

Quickly Put Cash in Your Pocket!

We pay CASH and close quickly! No need to wait for long drawn out contracts and buyers with iffy financing.

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“Priority House Buyers Was an Answered Prayer!”


  • No Repairs! No Clean Up!
  • Trust Our Family to Take Care of Yours!
  • No Obligation/ No Pressure! Just fill out the form!

Stop Getting Burned-Out with Unwanted Property! Sell It and Save Your Time For Those You Love!

Fill out our form and get a Cash Offer on your home. Skip the hassles of repairs, cleanings, and showings. We buy as-is! No Fluff/ No Gimmicks. We will make you a true CASH offer with a closing date of your choosing.  

Sell your house the Priority House Buyer Way

Priority House Buyers is committed to providing Houston area homeowners with the greatest home selling experience! Honoring our core values with Honesty, Intergrity, and Fairness we believe we can provide a WIN-WIN solution that fits YOUR needs! You have absolutely nothing to lose- but everything to gain! Fill out the form and sell your house the Priority House Buyer way!

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