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Priority House Buyers purchases houses direct owner to owner. Simplifying the sales process by eliminating all middle- men in the transaction. Any offer we make we are 100% committed to closing. No more inspections/showings/ cleanings!

Our Process is as Easy as 1.. 2.. 3!

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“…very knowledgeable in the process”

Pat and Brandon made selling my flooded home easy! As soon as I was ready to close they purchased the property and I was able to keep my insurance check. They were very knowledgeable in the process!

– Larry from Conroe

Selling Your House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process

Priority House Buyers buys houses all around Houston, Texas (and other areas too!). We’re not listing your house… we’re actually the ones buying your house! Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly or on your timeline- not just when its convenient for us. When you work with us there are no fees like there are when you list your house with an agent. What this means to you is you don’t have to worry about extra costs, having to come out of pocket to sell your house fast, or even getting your house ready for a sale (we’ll buy your house as-is).

How Do We Make Our Offers?
How do we arrive at our offer? What happens behind the scenes?

We want to emphasize the importance of reading and understanding this section/topic. Our hope is to give you a complete understanding of what we offer and what other options you have. We promise to provide as many details and be as transparent as possible- hopefully answering the questions you have along the way!

We want to buy as many houses as possible. The only way that can happen is if we can create a Win-Win for all parties. Accomplishing your goals and allowing us to make a minimum profit in the process.

Most homeowners we speak to already know the price they need to make the deal work on the sale of their home and this is the most important piece of information when determining if we are the right fit for your situation.

We buy and sell houses all over the Houston area and every house and situation is different. Some homes we purchase- do a light make ready (painting/ cleaning) and resell the property. Others will need extensive repairs and remodeling in order to bring the home up to retail market conditions. We are experienced in both areas.

Every home is different and will impact what we ultimately do with the property after we have purchased it. Luckily– you do not have to worry about what comes of the property once we have purchased it. That’s on us. There is only one thing that matters… if we can get to the price that accomplishes your goals!

Step 1We research the home address, neighborhood, comparable sales, etc. and come up with a value of what we think your house would be worth after we completed any necessary repairs and/or updates. This is called our “After Repair Value” (ARV).

Step 2We assess the current condition of your house and estimate the cost of those repairs and/or updates needed to get your property up to our ARV.

Step 3We subtract the estimated repair and/or update costs from our ARV of your property, as well as a small profit so that we are able to stay in business and continue buying houses.

Step 4If your number and our number work together, then so can we!  If not, there will be absolutely NO PRESSURE from us to sell for a price that you are not comfortable with.

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Take this into account…

Your interested in selling your house but not sure what a “fair price” might be…

You know that your neighbor 3- doors down had a house with the exact same floor plan that just sold 2 months ago. You know they made a lot of updates to the home prior to selling such as granite/stone countertops, new paint, flooring, and maybe even updated the bathrooms. They sold their house for $200,000 to an owner-occupant buyer who now lives in the home. It looked a lot like this:

Neighbors House
Fully Updated!

Now you undoubtedly want to sell your house for $200,000 as well! Right? You can probably do that, but more than likely you will need to make updates comparable to that of your neighbors. (granite counter tops, fresh paint, new flooring, and updated bathrooms) Say the cost of these repairs/upgrades is equal to $30,000.

I bet your asking… How much could my house sell for on the retail market- “As-Is”???

Great question and it’s probably an easier answer than most would expect! Here is what we discuss with every homeowner we meet.

So we are confident that your property with the correct updates and repairs made could sell for $200,000. In our business we call this the “After Repair Value” or “ARV”.

To figure out its “As-Is” value we just need to apply some simple math. Lets use the same example as before… Your house with an ARV of $200,000 but needs approximately $30,000 in repairs and updates. Thus you just need to take the cost of those repairs and updates out of the cost of the home. $200,000 (ARV) – $30,000 (Cost of Repairs/Updates) = $170,000 (its’ potential As-Is Value).

Next we need to figure out what your net proceeds would be. A typical retail listing will cost a homeowner about 10% to sell accounting for commissions and closing costs. 6% to the real estate broker (3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent) and 3-4% on the closing cost (i.e. title policy, surveys, escrow fees, document prep fees, etc). Therefore, a $170,000 sales price would net a homeowner around $153,000 on the open market. This does not account for any holding cost you may have such as lawn maintenance, taxes, insurance, or any other maintenance cost on the property.

So… What Can We Pay for It?

This too is actually a lot easier to figure out than most would think. We will use the same example above to calculate what Priority House Buyers could pay for your house in Houston.

As- Is Value= $170,000
ARV (After Repair Value)= $200,000
Our Cost of Repairs= $24,000 (This will typically be 20% less than you can do the same work due to our consistent volume)
Our Cost of Selling = 10% of Sales Price- $20,000
Our Purchase and Holding Cost= 2-3% of Purchase Price and 3-6 months of holding time 2-5% of ARV. Roughly $4,000-8,000 depending on days on market.
Our Minimum Profit= 12%- Yes, we are a business and need to be able to make a profit so we can continue to service our clients.
Our Offer= For this example our offer would be $124,000-$128,000 Plus Cover ALL the Closing Cost associated with the transaction. Keep in mind this is a net offer. No commissions are paid we cover the closing costs.

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How Does Selling Your House for CASH Benefit You?

You have a property that fits the above example mentioned. You have a house worth $170,000 that could net you about $153,000 or a cash offer in hand that would net you $128,000 closing on a date of your choosing. Selling directly to us and you will NOT have to make any repairs. You wont have to deal with the real estate agents or their commissions. You can avoid constant showings and cleanings to keep the property “showroom ready”- and you can have a guaranteed sale. We will close on a date of your choice- not just when it is convenient for us and will cover all the closing costs for the transaction.

You can also list the home on the retail market to get every dollar you can for the property. ($170,000 potentially as it sits less fees) However, with houses that need repairs your buyers will be limited as only certain types of loan products will lend on these types of properties. Also, no one can guarantee how quickly the home will sell. In real estate time is money. Could be days- could be months before the property goes under contract. Once under contract there is an average of 30 days until the closing. (with how the world is currently 45 days isn’t uncommon)

Listing a home is costly! Not to mention the cost of any make ready items the agents request you do. Brokers in Houston typically charge 6% of the sales price. On a $170,000 sales price you will be paying $10,200 in commissions alone. This does not include any closing cost like title policy, surveys, document prep fees, escrow fees, etc. that will need to be paid.

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100% Transparent- We Will Always Make the Best Offer We Can!

To all homeowners that need to sell your house in Houston and surrounding areas quickly and without hassle we are SERIOUS CASH BUYERS. We promise to be 100% transparent through the whole process and can close on your property without hesitation. We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. Just fill out the form and we can discuss your CASH offer. Not every property or situation is a good fit. Sometimes the math just doesn’t work and that’s ok. We understand our services are not the best for everyone, but we do know we have helped a lot of people here in Houston. Purchasing over 500 houses in the last 11 years. Fill out the form and lets talk! If we discover we will not be a good fit for your situation we will tell you right away. We will not to waste your time!

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